File name:

Please include all the necessary information in the file name:
For example – file number, material name, size in mm, quantity.
To avoid the possibility of mistakes, file name should look as below:

  • 1_PVC_banner_6000x9500mm_3pc.
  • 1_PVC_screen_1000x3000mm_2pc.
  • 1_Papaer_poster _1000x665mm_50pc.
  • 1_Glos_adhesive_film_UV_print_3040x1050mm_4pc.
  • 1_Mat_adhesive_film_2040x860mm_1pc.
  • 1_Glos_adhesive_film_+_Glos_laminate_1170x2900mm_10pc.
  • 1_Mat_adhesive_film_+_Mat_laminate_1100x2100mm_20pc.


The printing files should be prepared using CMYK colours. In accordance with European Union printing standards, we recommend using this colour profile – ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc.

The recommended printing file scale is 1:1, 1:10. If you wish to use a different scale, please inform us about it.

Submitted file formats:

  • .TIF – If it is smaller than 3000x3000mm, it should be 100-120dpi and if larger than 3000x3000mm, it should be 45-75dpi.
  • .PDF – All file elements must be grouped in one object and all the fonts must be curved.
  • .CDR – All file elements must be grouped in one object and all the fonts must be curved.
  • JPG – Used only for visual viewing of the file.

Preparation of files for cutting along outline:

The space between the images must be at least 5mm. It is very important that the outline cutting file contains only vector graphical elements. All the cutting lines must be grouped on one layer.



There are three ways to send us your files:

By e-mail:
You can send us printing files to our e-mail address, if the file size does not exceed 15MB.

On server:
You can upload all printing files which are larger than 15MB on server. It is very simple: you enter the server address in any internet browser, where it will offer you to place files on the server. When they are uploaded you will be given a web address, which you have to send to our e-mail address. The server access address is

Other public file servers:
You can use any other public file exchange server that you wish and send us the file web address.